GoGoDone Community for Entrepreneurs
GoGoDone Community for Entrepreneurs

Get More Done with GoGoDone

Marketing & Coworking for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Pursuing Financial Independence

About Us

We are an entrepreneurial-minded community holding each other accountable for getting the important work done. We're also all about connecting with other amazing people. Some of us are also looking to build an audience for our businesses by creating and amplifying high-quality content. Many of us are working towards financial independence. Did I mention we love to have fun too?

Why You Should Join Us

It's easy to make a to-do list. It's WAY harder to get it done. Unless you come play with us. Show up to a coworking session and tell us what you need to get done. It's almost magic how the work gets done when everyone is working together and cheering each other on.

Whether you're working towards inbox zero, promoting your content to build an audience, or staying on top of your budget - it's easier to do it here. 

How to Join

0 - Read our Code of Conduct. We take care of each other here and this is part of how we do it.

1 - You can join immediately for free and chat with us over topics.

2 - If you want to attend coworking sessions at your leisure. You can get your GoGoDone Monthly Subscription here. You can sign up for sessions as you like!

3 - If you want to join as a GoGoGetter for $2/month, you'll need to commit to attending at least one specific session a week - the same session - where we'll take your attendance. Then you get all access to the rest of the sessions. Check out the list of our Productivity and Focus sessions here.

4 - If you're interested in our premium community, GoGoPublish, to build your audience, we have a simple application process. This is to ensure that you're serious about providing high-quality content and have the time available to provide feedback and promote content. Take a deeper dive on the GoGoPublish webpage

Monthly Subscription Cost

GoGoDone: GoGoDabbler $20/mo (sign up here)

GoGoDone: GoGoGetter $2/mo + one committed session

The monthly cost goes up the larger the community gets, so join early!
Founders: $29.99/mo (5 spots) Sold Out!
Visionaries: $39.99/mo (5 spots) Sold Out!
Enthusiasts: $59.99/mo (10 Spots) One spot left!
Early Adopters: $79.99/mo (9 spots left)
Believers: $99.99/mo (10 spots)
Recruits: $149.99/mo (10 spots)
Members: $199.99/mo (50 spots)
Capped at 100 members

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